Yacht runs ashore on Vilano Beach


VILANO BEACH, Fla. – Beach goers were surprised to find a vessel stranded on Vilano Beach on Sunday morning.

The 64-foot yacht, Rays the Bar, was traveling from Boston to Fort Lauderdale when the vessel hit bottom near St. Augustine Inlet during heavy seas and fog Saturday night.

IMAGES:  Stranded yacht draws a crowd

The captain anchored the vessel and called for assistance, but for unknown reasons the anchor broke free, sending the yacht onto shore at Vilano Beach.

Fire and rescue crews from St. Johns County were at the beach when the vessel come on shore. The captain and her daughter were taken to a local hospital and released.

The Coast Guard, the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office, commercial salvage and environmental clean-up companies all responded.

The scene also drew a crowd of beachgoers.

Coast Guard responders determined that the vessel was not leaking any fuel. The Coast Guard pumped about 450 gallons of fuel out of the boat.

The vessel could not be towed because of rough seas, however an attempt will begin again on Monday morning at high tide.

The Coast Guard asked spectators and beachgoers to stay clear of the vessel until it is removed for safety concerns.