Fla. man still searching for true identity after 8 years

In 2004, Benjaman Kyle woke up with no memory of who he was


JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – He's a detective with a case he's been working eight long years and while he doesn't get paid for his efforts, solving the case would be priceless.

He calls himself "Benjaman Kyle." Channel 4 has been following Mr. Kyle's story for the last two years.

Through a lot of effort between Channel 4 and getting a State Representative involved, Kyle has a Florida legacy ID.  He has a name he's given himself, but he can't convince the United States that he deserves a social security number, and he's pleading with people across the U.S. to help. 

In 2004, Kyle woke up with no memory of who he was.  He'd been beaten and left for dead near Savannah, Ga.

Now, he is living in Jacksonville Beach and trying one more time to get the federal government to admit he's really alive and a citizen of the United States.

"This petition means they will actually look into the situation that I'm in, and they're the highest authority in the land," said Kyle. "Maybe they can actually do something, or will do something."

The petition he's talking about was John Wikstrom's idea.  Wikstrom is an Orange Park man who just graduated from Florida State and made a documentary about Kyle.

"We are using the 'We The People' site, which promises a White House response with 25,000 signatures and we're halfway there," said Wikstrom. "We're hoping if we get enough signatures, they'll acknowledge his case and help him out."

Wednesday night, Wikstrom and Kyle hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session on the website, Reddit.  They're trying anything they can to get Kyle a social security number or better yet, the number he had by finding out who he really is.

"Eventually, if I knew who I was, I could get my social security number, and I'm sure I've got benefits paid in," said Kyle "So hell, I could retire then. Or semi-retire."

"Nine new numbers that can let Benjaman do whatever he wants for the rest of his life. That's what gives me hope," said Wikstrom.

You can learn more by visiting FindingBenjamin.com.