A Freezing Weekend Before Christmas

Another Freeze Warning Tonight

 After a sub freezing start to your weekend, temperatures will once again fall into the upper 20's and lower 30's overnight Saturday night and into early Sunday morning. That places most of our area under a Freeze Warning early Sunday morning.

The coldest temperatures were across inland areas, Lake Butler and Fargo both reported low temperatures in the mid 20's this morning.  Jacksonville got down to 31° at the airport this morning.  Winds remained in the 7-12mph range overnight last night, which kept everyone at least 3° warmer overnight than if the winds had completely calmed down.

During the day today, sunny skies prevail- but the sunshine does not help much with the cold temperatures.  By noon, we will climb into the upper 40's and low 50's. Afternoon highs range from 55° to 59°. No chances for showers, and winds are expected out of the Northwest initially, becoming more Westerly during the afternoon hours between 7 and 12mph. 

Tonight, temperatures will drop again, with a Freeze Warning issued for our area, excluding the beaches. Expect 2-4 hours below freezing overnight tonight with the lowest temperatures dropping into the upper 20's.  Jacksonville is expected to get down to 27°.  Inland temperatures will range from the mid 20's to the upper 20's for overnight lows, while coastal areas will range from the low to mid 30's.  Winds will be calmer overnight and skies will remain clear.

A look ahead to Christmas Eve shows clear sunny skies, a chilly start- with a milder afternoon on the way.  Afternoon highs are expected in the upper 60's and low 70's Monday afternoon.  That evening will be spent primarily in the 50's, with temperatures dipping into the 40's before sunrise on Christmas Day.

A weak warm front brings afternoon chances for showers along and to the North of I-10 Christmas Day.  Overall coverage of these showers will be 30% area-wide, with likely chances for showers in Waycross and Brunswick.  

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