Weather disrupts travelers' plans

Dozens of flights cancelled in Chicago Friday


CHICAGOHoliday travelers who were delayed by the snowstorm in the Midwest Thursday are arriving at their destinations Friday.

The number of flight cancellations in Chicago was in the dozens Friday after hundreds of cancellations the day before.

The delays forced one couple to spend their 17th anniversary at the airport.

"All the flights to Chicago were cancelled, just cancelled. So we were sitting there and they were calling us back and forth, putting us on different planes. It was just a nightmare," said Nicole Turner.

Flying from St. Louis to Miami, the winter storms detoured the Turners through five different states, delaying them for more than two days.

Newark is the most recent area to experience the bad weather this week.

Wind gusts Friday morning delayed flights in and out of the New York area by two to three hours.

Shakina Jones was delayed for two hours.

"Oh, it was cold. It was snowing. It was windy, rainy -- snow and rain mix," said hones.

By Friday morning, airlines cancelled more than 500 North American flights, according to FlightStats.com. As the storm moves east, more delays and cancellations are expected. The flights that make it will be loaded down with folks like the Turners, who've been bumped and re-routed.