Cold weather keeps firewood distributors busy

Warm-up forecasted for early part of week


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Logs are split and ready for sale.

With all the cold weather, Kevin Chapman says his firewood business has picked up.

"Sales are up because of the holiday mainly and our little cold front gift from the west isn't hurting our sales either," said Chapman, the owner of the Chapman Tree Service.

Sitting at the corner of Loretto and Acosta Roads in Mandarin, Chapman said you have to know what to look to make sure your fire burns hot and long.

"Most people are wanting to buy dry wood that they can put in their fireplace and enjoy the season and enjoy a warm fire I think a lot of people look forward to a little cold this time of year," Chapman added.

Chapman's main business is cutting down trees for homeowners but says the winter helps him earn some extra money.

"It's a by-product of our tree service. I'd rather sell it than to take it to the dump. People can get some enjoyment out of it, plus I make a little holiday money."