Consumers dealing with 2013 inflation

Prices are going up as payroll tax hits paychecks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – New reports show that rent prices are up and expected to rise, the price of stamps are increasing, the cost of ammunition is up as gun control talks are in the works, and the price of food is also increasing in 2013.

The American Farm Bureau Federation also said it expects to see food prices rising 3 to 4 percent this year.

Consumers say they are already paying more for groceries. They said prices appear to be rising everywhere they have turned since 2013 began.

"I just paid $45 for two bags of groceries," said consumer James Knuckles. "I'm tripping now. Straight up."

"Even a loaf of bread, you could get for $1.50. Now, it's over $2.00," said consumer Amy Tillman. "You have to look for buy one, get one free. You can get more bread."

Some people said they aren't sure know how they will afford to pay for basic necessities.

"I'm a mother of five, so I want to continue bargain shopping," said Zuela Williams. "But, if milk becomes that high, we're not going to have milk."

As prices go up, many people said they have seen their paycheck shrink. The 'fiscal cliff' brought with it a new tax for all working Americans; payroll taxes increased 2 percent, and many Americans are learning to survive with less.

"Everything is going up this year. We knew it was coming," said Diane Herbert. "Some people were not prepared or didn't know what was going to happen with this election, and people being elected, who very much like to raise taxes."