Damaged NW Jax bridge yet to be fixed

Resident says city hasn't taken action


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Dinsmore man says for years he's been trying to get the city to fix a small bridge that looks to be falling apart.

At the bridge on Old Kings Road in the far northwest corner of Jacksonville, the top portion of the guardrail is gone and more of it is falling apart.

"I called the city. I called councilman (Ray) Holt's office," said Kenneth Roth, who lives next to the bridge. "I came out here and talked to the workers. Nobody wants to do anything about it."

Roth has even sent in pictures to the mayor trying to get action. The problem now is worse than what the pictures show. The whole top rail of concrete and steel is gone.

Roth said it was broken in a car accident two years ago and nobody fixed it. He said that's not the first time people complained about the bridge. Roth said that five years ago when the state replaced a similar bridge down the street, his neighborhood was promised the bridge would be replaced. That never happened.

He said nothing happens when he complains, so Channel 4's Jim Piggott took his complaints to the city. The mayor's office says it is being investigated again. It does have a record of the complaints from more than a year ago and is working to find out why they've not been dealt with yet.

"I want this bridge repaired or replace," Roth said.

Late Thursday afternoon, a city spokeswoman issued a statement.

"Public Works is aware of the bridge rail condition at this location," the spokeswoman said. "Barricades will be placed at the site until the repairs are made within the next several weeks. The broken rail is not obstructing the road and there is no road safety issue at this time, according to our Public Works engineers."