Crooks take electronics from unlocked vehicles

Six cars, trucks burglarized in one Arlington neighborhood


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When someone broke into Darren Wilks' truck, they may have not realized he had a camera pointed right at them.

"It's one thing to get robbed, but to see them go in your car," said Wilks. "I'm the one who paid for it. I earned it. I went to work to get that. Not them."

Wilks works in the smart home industry and has security cameras set up all over his home. He said he is frustrated though that he left his truck open, so the crooks could break in.

Wilks said the pair hit at least six cars in his neighborhood stealing things like phones and iPads.

Sunset River Drive car burglars YouTube video

Wilks said he put up security cameras after being broken into three times. Each time, police have been able to track down the suspects because they've been on camera.

Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson calls this a crime of opportunity, especially since the victims, left their expensive electronics in the vehicle for burglars to see.

"Don't ever leave valuables in plain sight, people won't lock their doors and they are leaving valuables in plain sight," said Jefferson.