Abused dog to be adopted by deputy

Deputy who responded to animal cruelty call adopting dog Monday morning


ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A dog stabbed and slashed in the throat last week is getting a new home Monday morning thanks to the deputy who saved its life in St. Johns County.

The dog's previous owner, 28-year-old Randal Hart, was arrested on an animal cruelty charge.

Deputy Dan Sorrells and his family were ready to pick up 6-year-old Amber on Monday morning after a week of surgery and recovery at the vet.

"Her wounds were rather horrific," Sorrells said. "As you can see by the suturing, she was completely cut open from just above her left ear, all the way down across her chest. About 12 to 18 inches sliced open."

Last week, Sorrells and another officer were responding to a call at a mobile home in a remote part of St. Johns County.

Two people called to report their roommate attacked his dog the night before, dragged her into the woods and left her for dead.

"We went out there and investigated the area," Sorrells said. "Found a blood trail, exactly what they had described to us. Went searching for about 45 minutes, fully expecting to find a dead dog somewhere."

While figuring out what to do next, Amber came walking out of tall grass, 16 hours after she was attacked with a knife.

She hadn't made it far from home. She approached the deputies like she knew they were there to help and chose her new owner.

"She made the decision, actually, when she walked up to me and allowed me to pet her, and it was at that point that I realized this is a special dog and I want her," Sorrells said.

Amber was rushed to Atlantic Veterinary Hospital and taken into surgery.

Veterinarian Herb Loeman works with rescued dogs in St. Johns County regularly and is still amazed by Amber.

"Whether you're religious or not, I think animals are put on this Earth to make humans happy," Loeman said. "It's the only reason they have to be put here because it's unconditional love. The dog was stabbed in its throat and immediately came to Deputy Sorrells."

Vet bills have been covered thanks to $2,000 in donations from people who heard Amber's story.