City yet to barricade damaged bridge

2 weeks after being pointed out, no action taken

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Nearly two weeks after Channel 4's Jim Piggott documented a damaged bridge in Dinsmore and asked the city about what it was doing about it, nothing had been done.

But after Piggott's report Tuesday, the city said it would take action.

Two weeks ago, the city said it was very concerned and would put up barricades by the end of the month to mark the dangers. As of Tuesday, no barricades were there.

"They don't do anything out in this area. They don't do anything," resident Kenneth Roth said of the city.

Roth has been complaining about the bridge for two years. He sent pictures to the mayor showing how it was falling apart. He's looking for help, and he and his wife want the city to do what's right.

"I was hoping they would, but so far nobody has been out to do anything," Roth said. "I have only seen one gentleman. He was standing there talking to somebody. That's it."

A city spokeswoman who said two weeks ago that Public Works was aware of the bridge rail condition and that workers would get right on it was surprised to hear nothing has happened. It's no surprise to the Roths, who say it's dangerous.

"I have a grandson that every afternoon has to walk over that bridge to get home," Lois Roth said.

The Roths just want something done and promises kept.

"I want to see that bridge repaired, replaced like it is suppose to be," Kenneth Roth said.

The city said late Tuesday afternoon that the barricades would be placed either Tuesday night or first thing Wednesday morning. Officials said the plan to repair the rail is moving forward.