Soldier in Afghanistan has pizza delivered to wife

Soldier calls local Mellow Mushroom from base in Afghanistan


FLEMING ISLAND, Fla. – An act of love carried out from one side of the world to the other. A solider serving in Afghanistan called his wife's favorite pizza restaurant to deliver a pizza to her home for her birthday.

Shawn Fulker is in the Army National Guard and is in the middle of a 9-month tour in Afghanistan. He said while his days are busy helping to train Afghan soldiers, he's not too busy to remember his wife's birthday and her favorite pizza joint.

Fulker decided to have a pizza delivered to his wife, Josephine. She was all set for a quiet evening on her birthday when the doorbell rang.

Her husband called the Fleming Island Mellow Mushroom from his base in Afghanistan and asked to have her favorite pizza delivered.

"The customer contacted us early Friday morning, saying it was his wife's birthday and that he really wanted to do something special for her," said Brooke Chafee of Mellow Mushroom. "He wanted a pizza and gift card delivered to her, that he would call back later that afternoon with his credit card information, but we didn't ever receive an email back. We decided just to go ahead and deliver a pizza, and we took a few extra steps."


"We were both surprised," said Josephine. "I opened up the pizza and it was shaped like a heart, and each individual pepperoni was cut into a heart shape. It was just so nice."

Fulker in Afghanistan was just as surprised, since he said he never called the restaurant back and had no idea that they had gone to such great lengths.

"He's special cause he's in the military and serves our country," said Chafee. "We just wanted to do something nice for our neighbors, since he's doing something so wonderful for us."

"I think that it's an unbelievably thoughtful act on their part. I will never have pizza anywhere else," said Josephine. "I love Mellow Mushroom. I thought it was just so sweet of them."

Josephine said not only did they make the pizza, Mellow Mushroom also went to Publix and bought some other things, including a $50 gift card.

"It was just very thoughtful my husband, and I appreciate it so much for supporting the troops and just doing that for him," said Josephine.