Tilted Kilt cited with kitchen violations

State inspector came back two days later to make sure violations were fixed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery is all about a good time. The bar is busy on any given night and it advertises that it's more than a restaurant and much more than a sports bar. But the restaurant came under fire for some high priority violations.

The Tilted Kilt was forced to throw away stew for temperature abuse.  It was cited for sausage that was 10 degrees warmer than the state considers safe.  They also had live flies in the kitchen.  

The inspector came back two days after that initial inspection and this time those seven high priority violations were down to just one: live flies were still in the kitchen.

It was enough to appease the inspector, noting the restaurant meet the standard this time around.

I went to talk with a manager about violations that could make diners sick, but he referred me to his boss, who didn't get back. I emailed her as well and never got a response about the violations.

The Tilted Kilt was inspected four other times since April of 2011.  It passed those inspections.

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