Wayne Weaver takes responsibility for Jaguars' mistakes

Weaver: 'We missed on too many draft classes'

Wayne and Delores Weaver talk with new team owner Shad Khan.
Wayne and Delores Weaver talk with new team owner Shad Khan.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In an interview to Channel 4's news partner the Financial News And Daily Record, former Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver said he takes responsibility for the team's performance in recent years.

"I take full responsibility for our lack of success in the last few years, but it's not because people didn't work hard. We missed on too many draft classes. You have to be responsible for those mistakes," Weaver said.

Weaver and his franchise partners sold the Jaguars in January 2012 for a reported $760 million.

Weaver, 78, said he and his wife, Delores Weaver, could have remained the owner for another four or five years.

"If Delores and I had not felt that we found the right owner that was committed to this market, we would not have sold the team," he told the Record.

Weaver also commented on the decisions to fire general manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey.

"These are always difficult decisions, but I think what Shad decided after a 2-14 season, which was certainly not what anyone would have expected, 'Let's start fresh,'" Weaver said. "I actually think he is doing the right thing. He's putting his stamp on how he wants to rebuild the franchise."

Weaver also said he had great admiration for New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. He feels Tebow is an extraordinary leader and great athlete, but believes new general manager David Caldwell made the right decision to announce he would not bring Tebow to the Jaguars.

"I respect the new GM's decision of not bringing in Tebow if he has reasons he evaluated and has determined the reward is not worth the risk," Weaver said. "He made it very clear that he saw no scenario where Tebow would be part of the organization, and I think he was very smart to make that announcement."

Weaver and his wife intend to take a 30-day world tour soon after the Super Bowl, he told the Record. They have more travel plans after that.

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