Husband speaks about wife's injuries after she's crushed by car

Local mechanic gives advice about doing work under a car

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – An emotional husband spoke with Channel 4 Wednesday night after his wife was injured when a car she was working on fell on top of her Tuesday afternoon.

Patricia Ann Rempe is listed in critical condition at Shands Hospital after the accident that happened outside of her Hardeeville Court home.

Rempe's husband Brian Rempe said that he and his wife had been working on restoring a 1971 Camaro together.

"We've been together for almost twenty years now," said Rempe, talking about his wife Patricia. "This is hard on me. We'll get through it and we'll move forward. To me this will make our relationship stronger."

On Tuesday, the jack stands that were holding the Camaro while Patricia worked underneath failed.

"I was at work at the time when it happened. A friend of mine had actually called me at work," said Rempe. "She started helping me about a week ago, and I asked her if she wouldn't mind helping me. I went out there and showed her what to do. She was doing it fine, she worked on it all week last week, and just started this week during her spare time."

Rempe told Channel 4 that doctors are optimistic Patricia will make a full recovery. As of Wednesday night, she was still listed in critical condition.

"It's just a waiting game pretty much right now," said Rempe. "She has nothing, no internal injuries whatsoever. They are just trying to get everything back together for her. She'll be fine."

Neighbors said they are helping the Rempe family. They are all taking turns cooking the family dinner so Brian can spend more time at the hospital and take care of his children.

"It's definitely appreciated. I love all my neighbors. They been wonderful," said Rempe.

Channel 4 met with professional mechanic Aaron Nelson with Aaron's Car Care. He gave advice about getting under your car, if you're not an expert.

"A lot of the jacks and implements that come with your automobiles, they're not designed for you to crawl under the car and work on it," said Nelson. "They're designed merely to change a tire on your car."

Nelson showed Channel 4 what type of equipment people should be using. If a car owner plans to get under their car from home, Nelson had some important advice.

"If you're going to jack a car up and are trying to do something at home, do it on the concrete," said Nelson. "Solid ground, good surface, level surface. Use a hydraulic jack. Most of these jacks can be bought pretty inexpensively now."