JEA warns customers not to fall for phone scam

Scammers claim to be JEA, telling customers their power is being shut off

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JEA is warning its customers not to fall for a scammer that's misusing their name.

"It's not JEA and that's what we want to let all of our customers know that this is not the traditional way JEA operates," said JEA Spokeswoman Gerri Boyce.

Boyce said that the scam targets JEA's commercial customers. JEA says customers have been receiving phone calls, warning them that their power is about to be cut off.

The caller then tells the JEA customer that if they want to keep their power connected, they will need to send money.

Boyce told Channel 4 that JEA knows of at least 15 victims who received the call from a Magic Jack phone number with a 904 area code.

The scammer tells the JEA customer that unless they go to a store to get a MoneyPak, a prepaid debit card, their power will be shut off. So far, JEA says only one person was scammed out of $900.

JEA said they want their customers to be aware of the Magic Jack phone number, which is 904-677-2019. They said if anyone has gotten a call from that number, they should contact JEA.