Poll: 48% approve of Jacksonville City Council

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new University of North Florida poll reveals that 48 percent of adult residents of Duval County approve of the job that the Jacksonville City Council is doing.

In conjunction with that support, residents are quite satisfied with a number of facets of the city of Jacksonville, according to the poll.

Topping the list, 77 percent of respondents are especially satisfied with opportunities to enjoy arts and cultural activities, and respondents are very satisfied (73 percent) with the quality, cost and availability of parks and open spaces in Jacksonville.

Sixty percent of respondents were satisfied with the hours and quality of the Duval County public libraries, while 67 percent were satisfied with the quality of the physical infrastructure such as roads, bridges and public buildings in the city.

Contrary to the overwhelming satisfaction, residents aren't as enthusiastic when it comes to paying higher taxes to maintain the parks, libraries, arts culture and physical infrastructure. Only 39 percent of the respondents were willing to support a small tax increase to support the arts; libraries didn't fare much better, with only 40 percent of respondents willing to support a tax increase. Parks and infrastructure fared slightly better, with 52 percent and 50 percent support, respectively.

The survey was conducted through the use of a 27-station telephone-polling laboratory at UNF. A polling sample was selected through the use of Random-Digit-Dialing methodology. A cellphone sample and an overlay sample were used to increase representation. Age, gender, race and party registration were weighted to the 2010 U.S. Census, as well as to statistics from the Supervisor of Elections for Duval County registered voters.

The survey was conducted between Feb. 4 and last Tuesday and includes 917 residents (+/- 3.23 percent) in Duval County. About 210 UNF political science students participated in the data collection.