Gas prices putting local businesses in pinch

Pain at the pump felt by transportation services

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Day after day for the past month, you may have noticed gas prices have gotten higher and higher at gas stations.

While it hurts commuters paying the price, some local businesses say they are getting hammered by the increases at the pump.

"I've seen it across industry, that people are raising prices or adding a fuel surcharge to the cost of vehicle rental," said BTS Limousines owner Brian Sullivan.

Sullivan watches the pump prices probably closer than most because rising gas prices means he has to raise his prices, too, something he doesn't want to do.

"We've been lucky, we haven't yet, we've looked at some different vehicle options," said Sullivan. "Actually have brought in more fuel minded vehicles to try and offset the cost. But, unfortunately, we haven't had to jack 'em up yet."

Customers expect a certain luxurious experience when they hire a driver and his car, but Brian said it's tough to balance the standards with the sticker shock at the pump.

"Whether it's groceries at the store, cost of you doing a news story, or cost of me sending a car to the airport to pick you up. For an exciting night on the town, it's going to get more expensive," said Sullivan. "It's eventually going to have to be absorbed by the consumer."