Brother of Daytona victim talks about crash

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Terry Huckaby is spending the night at Halifax Medical Center after his brother was hit by debris from Daytona's crash.

"His name, when they brought him in, was Jolly George because they didn't have his name," said Huckaby. "He's in good spirits, but he took a pretty nasty cut on his leg."

The two were sitting in the Campbell box, Section 1 Row 11, when it happened.

"All of a sudden and in a split second there was stuff flying everywhere," said Huckaby. "There was a wheel and I saw stuff flying over my head. He kinda leaned over and when he did, a piece of metal hit in that way. He was kind of laying there and it scared me. He looked down and I seen his leg, and it was cut all the way down he was bleeding pretty good."

Huckaby said it was terrifying watching parts of a car fly at their faces.

"When you think about how many people are going to get hurt, and when a wheel came flying by that was a big item, this thing that hit my brother, that was a big item of course," said Huckaby. "We didn't see it coming, but there was so much loose stuff coming like small pieces flying everywhere."

The two are staying positive and they're just hoping everyone else who was hurt recovers.

"They got him covered up real good," said Huckaby. "Got him real comfortable and he wanted me to get his cell phone and shoes, because during all this melee, he lost one of his shoes somewhere. So if anyone finds a Nike shoe out there, call us."