Free cat neutering event takes place

Within hours, over 100 cats were brought to First Coast No More Homeless Pets

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Saturday morning was busy at First Coast No More Homeless Pets, where they offered free spay and neuter surgeries for cats.

The first woman in line, Scarlett Madison, arrived at 5 a.m. with not one, not two, but nine cats. She says that without this event, she wouldn't have been able to afford this.

"There's a lot of people that can't afford cat surgeries," said Madison. "It's expensive when you go anywhere else."

Madison knew when she found out about this event that she wasn't going to miss it. She said that there are a few cats in her neighborhood and didn't want that number to potentially go any higher.

"I just decided to get up early and be out here, and it is amazing to see this many people," said Madison. "That's 100 cats that we don't have to worry about having babies."

That was the feeling of most people who brought cats in this morning. Doors opened a half hour early because of the line.

By 7:30 am, over 100 cats had already been brought in. The goal of the event was to help cut down on the number of feral cats in the area, and cut down on cats being brought to shelters.

"Spay and neuter truly is the way to end the needless killings of dogs and cats in our shelters," said Dianne Wiles. "That's why it's number one on our lists and our programs."

For anyone who didn't make it out to the event but has a cat that needs to be spayed or neutered, First Coast No More Homeless Pets says you can call them at 425-0005 and they can help set you up with an appointment.