Only on 4: New evidence released in Matthew Hinson murder case

Hours of video footage, 911 calls released in Jacksonville Landing murder

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Channel 4 has obtained hours of video footage, including police interviews with Matthew Hinson, the man accused of killing William 'Chris' Pettry at the Jacksonville Landing last year.

Hundreds of pages of investigative reports capture some of the chaos and confusion from the night Pettry was killed on Oct. 6, 2012.

Pettry was visiting from Illinois to watch the Bears play the Jaguars that Sunday, but he never made it to the game.

According to police, Pettry was having a conversation with Matthew Hinson's wife at Fionn McCool's at the Landing. From there, police say Hinson slashed Pettry's throat, killing him.

The 911 calls from that night are graphic.

"Yes, I've got a gentleman bleeding really bad, bleeding all over the place," said one caller. "He's got a cut on his neck apparently, and he's lost a lot of blood, a lot of blood."

William Christopher Pettry

Channel 4 obtained about a half dozen of the 911 calls made in an effort to get Pettry (pictured, right) help.

"I don't know. I'm the manager, just got called out front. He's bleeding really bad, all over the place," the manager at Fionn McCool's told the dispatcher.

One witness called 911 and told police that she and her boyfriend were following Hinson out of the bar and into a nearby parking garage. Surveillance video captured what the caller described.

"He got inside a black Toyota pickup truck. It's a black Toyota Tacoma truck. He's leaving, but going out of parking garage," the woman explained. "He is still here, paying to get out."

"They're on their way. We have one officer showing there," said the dispatcher.

"Right here," said the female witness.

"Is that an officer?" asked the dispatcher.

"I'm not sure, who that is? They have guns," said the woman. "Yeah, they just got in front of him and my boyfriend is behind him in a truck, blocking him in."

Police eventually get Hinson out of his truck and take him to jail. The concern of catching the suspect, but all the witnesses involved were matched by their worry about Pettry.

"Did they get to the guy inside?" asked one caller. "Is he going to make it?"

"I'm not sure. The officer with him asked rescue to step it up some," said the dispatcher.

Hinson gave police two interviews when they arrested him. The video shows Hinson in police custody a few hours after his arrest.

"Out there, in the hallway, you requested to talk to us. Is that right?" the investigator asked Hinson.

In evidence released to Channel 4, large sections of the interview with Hinson are redacted; portions of the interview were removed to protect the suspect's right to a fair trial.

What makes the discovery material unusual in this case is that Hinson's arrest happened in a parking garage, with at least six different cameras watching, and a 911 caller who told the dispatcher she saw the attack.

"I watched him do it, I watched him do it," said the caller.