Firefighters battle multiple brush fires

Windy, dry conditions spark 6 fires in St. Johns, Baker counties

Firefighters with St. John's County Fire Rescue say crews are battling a brush fire that began Saturday afternoon.

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – Saturday's windy and dry conditions sparked six brush fires across northeast Florida, say officials.

Authorities say currently, there are three active brush fires in St. Johns County and two active brush fires in Baker County.

In Hastings, officials say no structures were reported in danger after a 10 foot by 100 foot fire grew to one-fourth of an acre.

Fire officials say the brush fire in Hastings is now under control.

At the Flager Estates in Hastings off East Deep Creek Boulevard, fire crews say the fire has not yet been contained.

Also in St. Johns County, a fast-moving brush fire started in the St. Johns Forest neighborhood on Flores Way.

Officials said three homes had to be evacuated there.

At one point, the fire reached the tops of 129 pine trees.

Firefighters said they will watch throughout the night.

One street away, spot over grass fire was extinguished quickly and is 100 percent contained, said officials.

On Brian Way, a brush fire roughly the size of three-fourths of an acre started in brush behind the back-left side of a trailer.

911 calls and neighbors said they heard several exploding sounds, which could have come from Aerosol cans exploding.

There are still hot spots inside containment lines. Officials said this fire is 100 percent contained.

In Baker County, the first brush fire started in Glen St. Mary off L.E. Harvey Road. Officials said the 60-acre fire has been 80 percent contained.

There's also a fire on Sawtooth Lane in Baker County that is about 12 acres, which is also 80 percent contained.

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