JEA board approves customer fuel credit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JEA's board of directors on Tuesday approved a fuel credit for all JEA customers.

The credit will appear on most customers' April bill starting April 2 and the May bill for those whose meter is read in late April, officials said.

This one-time credit comes from JEA's savings on fuel costs because the price of natural gas was lower than expected, officials said. The credit will be applied to active accounts corresponding to the customer's April meter reading.

"JEA has been able to save on fuel costs associated with the use of natural gas to produce electricity," JEA Chairman Ashton Hudson said. "JEA is passing this savings on to our customers."

JEA's board of directors approved a fuel credit that will mean a residential customer using 860 kilowatt-hours will receive a $35.35 fuel credit, for example. The fuel credit will vary depending on the customers' use.

All customers are receiving the credit. After analyzing the last 10 years of usage, April was determined to be a stable month for consistent usage because there are few peaks and lows due to the weather, officials said. They said therefore, they were able to better predict how many kilowatt hours will be used in April, allowing them to reliably determine how much each customer receives.

This is the second time in nine months that JEA customers have benefited from the historic low cost for natural gas. Last July, the variable fuel rate charge was lowered $5.18 for the residential customer who uses an average of 1,250 kilowatt hours.