3 years after killing, no shooter found

Teen victim's mother holds march to bring attention to case

Tiphne Hollis
Tiphne Hollis

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Wednesday marked three years since 16-year-old Tiphne Hollis was shot and killed.

On the 20th of every month since then, her mother has held a walk at the scene of the shooting in hopes of finding the shooter.

On Wednesday, they moved the walk to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office headquarters, hoping to remind everyone that they still don't have closure.

Shanda Hollis said the last three years have been difficult knowing her daughter's killer is on the loose, but she is still convinced that someone in the neighborhood where the shooting happened knows who is responsible.

"It still hurts. It still hurts," Hollis said.

Dozens of friends and family joined her on the three-year anniversary of her daughter's death. Tiphne was riding in a car with family members when a gunman opened fire on the car.

Hollis said she is hopeful every day that a shooter will be found. She vowed at the time of the shooting to continue holding marches to let others know her family wants justice.

"She wanted to come downtown and let them know that the case is still unsolved," family friend Gail Wyman said.

"Let them know that we are still fighting," Hollis added. "I want them to keep fighting until this case is solved. I am not going to give up until I see justice. Hopefully it will put pressure on everyone."

That includes everyone from the people who live in the Northwest Jacksonville area near the shooting scene at the intersection of Calvin and West 20th streets to the detectives on the case.

"We always stay in contact. I believe that I am going to see justice one day," Hollis said. "Someone does know something."

Even as the case is now three years old, Channel 4 crime analyst Ken Jefferson said that many times the tips keep coming in, and each one is followed up on until the case is solved.

"There is no time limit on this, but what's unfortunate is that people who may have information regarding this incident have not come forward," Jefferson said. "There is a loved one that was lost as a result of someone's criminal activity. Someone knows something, but they haven't come forward."

Hollis is once again encouraging anyone with any information about the shooting to let police know. Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers at 866-845-TIPS and can remain anonymous.