Man convicted in one-day robbery crime spree

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Franklin Hodge
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Franklin Hodge

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 44-year-old Jacksonville man was convicted this week for taking part in a one-day crime spree.

In August 2011, Franklin Hodge robbed three Jacksonville gas stations within an eight-hour period. A jury convicted Hodge on two counts of robbery and one count of armed robbery.

Hodge committed each robbery differently to try to throw off authorities. In the first robbery, Hodge bought a beer and then pulled a knife on the store clerk at the Kangaroo gas station on Beaver Street. He took money from the store and fled in a maroon Camaro.

About five hours later, Hodge threatened a store clerk at the Shell gas station on Ramona Boulevard and made off with $60 in cash. He fled the area in a maroon Camaro.

Two hours later, Hodge bought a beer at the Speedway on U.S. Highway 90 in Baldwin. As the clerk was opening up the cash register, Hodge reached over the counter and grabbed $200 in cash. Again, he fled in a maroon Camaro.

Within minutes of the third robbery, Jacksonville police tracked down Hodge based on the car description.

Hodge is considered a violent career criminal, a prison release re-offender, a habitual violent felony offender and a habitual felony offender. He has felony convictions dating back to 1997 for aggravated battery, robbery and armed robbery.

Hodge faces mandatory life in prison. He will be sentenced the week of April 22.