Oregon Softball League Raffles Off A-R 15 rifle

Team was trying to raise money for uniforms.

Portland, Ore. – Forget selling gift wrap or cookies to raise money, an Oregon softball league has turned to raffling off an A-R-15 semi-automatic rifle to bring in extra cash.

The St. Helen's girls softball team needs work on their field and new uniforms. So, their league president came up with an interesting idea.

The team is raffling off an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with two 30 round magazines. 

Tickets were $10 for one ticket or $60 for five.

Some people were not happy about the idea in the wake of high-profile gun violence. 

"I think that it is ludicrous that they are giving away guns," said one person.

But the league's president reassured worried parents. He told reporters that the winner must over 18 and be legally allowed to own a gun. The team even offered to pay for a background check for the winner. 

"None of the raffle tickets were ever in the girls' hands. This was all adults. An adult to adult word of mouth type deal," said the President Devin Degraffenreid.

While controversial, the idea was extremely popular. All the tickets were sold in less than two days.