Teen forced to wear sign publicly as punishment

Her parents were upset about her failing grades.

Crestview, Fla – The parents of a teen who was disciplined by holding a sign at a major highway intersection think critics should "walk a mile in someone's shoes" before judging them.

The parents say they were just trying to correct her unacceptable behavior.

People passing by on U.S 90 in Crestview took pictures and video of 13-year-old girl as she stood on the side of the road Saturday afternoon

One person was so concerned he called police. Officers told the person the girl was aware of her punishment and not in any harm.

Her father, Gentry Nickell, watched his daughter the whole time.

The Northwest Florida Daily News reports her parents were shocked over the online reaction and all the media attention.

The sign they wrote and made their daughter hold said "I am a self-entitled teenager with no respect for authority..I'm also super smart yet I got three D's on my last report card because I don't care!"

Her father said he could tell the teen felt remorse for her bad behavior, even giving him a hug when the ordeal was over.

The parents said the teen's behavior has improved overall since the very public punishment.