Clay County Sheriff's Office investigates suspicious package at Orange Park Medical Center

JSO bomb squad checks back-pack, all clear

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – The Clay County Sheriff's Office and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office bomb squad gave the "all clear" for a suspicious package found at Orange Park Medical Center on Kingsley Ave. Friday night.

A hospital employee reported a backpack in a vacant handicapped parking space located in the front parking lot about 35 yards from the hospital's emergency entrance around 10 o'clock.

That part of the parking lot was taped off as a precaution while the bomb squad used equipment to check out the bag. 

According to a press release from the Clay County Sheriff's Office, the employee was on her way to work.  She saw the bag and thought it was suspicious. 

Clay County Sheriff's spokesperson, Mary Justino, said due to the recent events in Boston, it is appropriate to be on heightened alert and their agency wants citizens to contact us regarding anything out of the  ordinary. 

The JSO bomb squad completed a check of the backpack and said it was no threat.  As a precaution, K-9 canvassed the rest of the parking lot before clearing the scene for normal traffic and parking. 

Anyone with information regarding who may have left the backpack in the OPMC parking lot is asked to contact the Clay County Sheriff's Office at 264-6512.