Crossroad Church United Methodist helps fight hunger

Volunteers packaged 40K dry meals


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – About 500 volunteers at Crossroad Church United Methodist packaged about 40,000 dry meals Sunday morning, working to help third world countries fight hunger.

This is the fourth time this Southside church has come together to volunteer for a group called Stop Hunger Now.

The group helps about 76 countries, but most of the meals packaged Sunday will be going to the Caribbean and South America.


"The meal they are packaging today might be the only meal that these kids get all day," said Dennis Barnard, from Stop Hunger Now.

Although the focus of the church was relieving hunger in 3rd world countries, they do have their thoughts with those victims suffering in Boston as well.

Senior Pastor Gee Sprague said luckily no one from their church was directly effected, but they prayed for the victims and people involved before the church service began.

Sprague said he hopes churches will stand as a good example and have open arms for those hurting.