Local woman speaks out about tragic accident

Ismet Sijamhodzic's wife speaks about crash that killed JaNay Jackson

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Ismet Sijamhodzic

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Early in the morning on Aug. 28, a van crashed into 17-year-old JaNay Jackson's bedroom while she was sleeping. The crash killed Jackson, and the man police say was behind the wheel, Ismet Sijamhodzic, was later charged with vehicular homicide.

Monday night, Sijamhodzic's wife, Sanita Sijamhodzic, spoke publicly about the car crash investigators say her husband caused.

"I wanted to tell Ms. Jackson I feel sorry for all of them and one day I wish I could see her and grieve with her and give her flowers, me and my kids," she said.

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo of Ismet Sijamhodzic

Investigators said her husband's blood tested positive for Xanax and marijuana the night of the crash. The arrest report also said that Ismet Sijamhodzic hadn't slept in three days before the crash.

"I've never seen my ex-husband do any drugs, taking Xanax, I don't know that man, I don't like it around me or my kids," Sanita said.

Sanita told Channel 4 that she learned about the accident and Jackson's death by watching the news the next day. She said her husband of 19 years didn't come home.

JaNay Jackson

"I called him and he picked up the phone and said he was just out of the hospital. I said, 'What's wrong, what's happened?' I was thinking he had problems with his stomach," Sanita said. She said her relationship with her husband had been strained for weeks even before the accident.

Sanita told Channel 4 she is planning to divorce Sijamhodzic. Channel 4 reached out to Ismet's attorney, Alan Rosner, but he had no comment.  Channel 4 also contacted the Jackson family for their reaction, but they also did not want to comment.

Ismet Sijamhodzic's next court date is scheduled for June 5.