Skyway ridership up 129% during One Spark


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Transportation Authority announced Tuesday that last week's One Spark festival was a tremendous success for Skyway ridership.

There were 44,282 Skyway boardings that took place during the inaugural crowd-sourcing event, marking a 129-percent increase in weekday ridership.

Average weekday ridership grew from roughly 4,500 passengers per day to 10,289 passengers per day, as downtown residents, employees and festivalgoers took advantage of the free-to-ride system. The Skyway, typically closed on weekends, remained open through Sunday and offered departures every three to six minutes.

"We are thrilled to have played a role in this exciting event by helping people move around downtown Jacksonville safely and efficiently," said JTA Executive Director and CEO Nathaniel "Nat" Ford Sr. "These ridership numbers demonstrate that the Skyway is a convenient and viable means of transportation. I anticipate that these positive trends will continue even after One Spark."

Daily ridership totals during the One Spark festival were:

  • April 17 - 9,798
  • April 18 - 9,269
  • April 19 - 11,801
  • April 20 - 10,597
  • April 21 - 2,817