'Save Our Sons' designed to help young men make better choices

Play to be presented at Ribault High School on Saturday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Reginald Rogers is working hard on a skit today, hoping to make a difference.

Rogers, 16, and his classmates at Ribault High school will present their drama to hundreds of boys who look just like them.

It focuses on reminding young men about the consequences of making good and bad choices.

"So many young brothers," Rogers says. "They should really think about what they do more often...some people they don't think."

The play's message is a key theme around Saturday's event called Saving Our Sons.

It's a community and faith-based effort to expose young black men to mentors and positive alternatives besides, drugs, gangs and violence.

Organizer John Gun says the idea came from frustration with what he saw happening in his neighborhood.

"I pastor in a community where every week a young man or young woman is murdered," says Gun.  "And what's painful is I've done so many of those services throughout the course of my 17 years."

Two of those services were for Willie Flynn's son and grandson.   Both were killed due to an act of violence.

"I'm tired of seeing our young black men murdered in these streets, in jail," says Gun "We weren't created to be prisoners.  We were created to do great things."

That's a message organizers and even these young men hope their peers will receive... especially 18-year old Timothy Robinson.

"Oh man I hope they get a lot and take that and use it..," he said.  "Be strong minded...you be the leader and stop following... change somebody else's life."