Van crashes into side of Southside home

Van narrowly misses bedroom with 2 children in it


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Firefighters say a van with two people inside crashed into a car, then smashed into another car in a driveway, and then plowed through the side of a home.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon, beginning at the Southside intersection of Powers Avenue and Old Kings Road South.

Rescuers took three people to the hospital, but none of their injuries were life-threatening.

IMAGES:  Van hits Southside home

The van narrowly missed a bedroom with two children in it.

The homeowner said she heard it all and is so thankful that everyone in her family is OK. She said she does have insurance on her home and car. She is very appreciative of the work the firefighters did to get her and her family back into their home.

Firefighters took the time to help rebuild the damaged part of the home and garage so it would be safe for the family to live in until it's fully repaired.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is investigating. Charges are pending.