Mother charged in death of 11-month-old boy appears in bond court

Catalina Marista Bruno reportedly left boy in car


MIAMI – The woman charged in the death of her 11-month-old son appeared in bond court Saturday morning.

Stoned-faced and silent, 30-year-old Catalina Marista Bruno faced felony charges and faced the brutal details about her dead son.

"He would've been one on May 31, but she left him in the car and allowed him to die."

According to investigators, Bruno placed the boy, Bryan Miguel Osceola, in a child seat in the rear passenger side of the vehicle and drove home. When she got home, she left Bryan in the car, strapped into his car seat, seared by the blazing sun.

"...With a core temperature of 109," added Judge Andrew S. Hague. "Leaving the child, a can of beer and her purse inside the car, the child remained strapped in the car."

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A while later, the boy's father, Amos Osceola asked about the child. Bruno then recalled leaving him inside the vehicle, police said.

Investigators say Osceola immediately ran outside and found Bryan unresponsive in the car seat. He took him to a nearby Miami-Dade Fire Rescue station for medical attention.

Prosecutors revealed Saturday that Bruno was actually out on bond and on a suspended license when her son died. That case, six months ago, was for another felony DUI, when she allegedly passed out drunk with that same child face down between the front seats.


Police have seen her before, mugshot after mugshot show her facing charges of battery, intoxication, cocaine possession and driving on a suspended license.

The court said it was concerned enough to keep her behind bars until trial, something rarely seen in cases like this.

"Take her into custody, no bond," said Hague.

After ten minutes of the charges, details and custody judgment, Bruno left as quietly as she arrived.

"At this point, we have no further comments," Bruno's attorney said. Her own attorney leaving with a quiet mouth, and her own mother leaving with a covered face.

Bruno has two other children, a 4-year-old and a 10-year-old. The judge also ruled that she is not to have any contact with them if she does somehow get out.

Those children were safely with their father on Saturday.