JEA board OKs bonuses for employees

Measure to be presented to City Council


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The JEA board made it official Tuesday and passed measure that could lead to a big bonus for employees.

The board calls it "pay for performance," but in the end, all JEA employees are eligible for a $1,500 bonus at the end of the year.

The full board gave its thumbs up Tuesday. It will be presented with JEA's budget that will go the Jacksonville City Council this summer.

DOCUMENTS: JEA's pay-for-performance plan | Eligibility | Safety & customer service data

It's the second year in a row, JEA employees are slated to get bonuses.

JEA says it's money the employees have saved the company by operating more efficiently and safely.

Last year the employees received a bonus of about $1,250. The employees did not meet all their goals, but it had been since 2007 since an across-the-board pay raise was given to employees. That bonus was also nearly blocked by City Council, which eventually approved it.

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