Puppy suffers head trauma from abuse

Animal Care and Control investigating abuse allegations


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Just weeks old, a Chihuahua puppy can barely see through her blood shot eyes after Dennis Stalvey and Sandi Williams said the dog was abused by someone.

"They arrest people that hurt animals, I mean she's two pounds," said Sandi Williams.

"They don't know if she was hit, kicked or thrown against the wall," said Dennis Stalvey.

Stalvey and Williams bred the puppy and adopted it out to a person in their neighborhood.

A few weeks later, they said the puppy was returned with severe head trauma and was barely able to stand.

"She can't walk very well, she's unstable," said Williams. "This morning we had to, she couldn't find her food plate, we had to push the food to her because she can't see."

Channel 4 was present as an Animal Care and Control Officer contacted the couple to begin an investigation into how the dog was brutalized.

Stalvey told investigators who he suspects is responsible and they are questioning people who had contact with the dog.

"He said the dog was blind at this point and could have some brain damage," said Stalvey. "At this point, he has problems with his back legs, could be from the trauma."