Evidence released in Brunswick toddler slaying

Inventory list reveals DVD containing recorded reenactment of incident

BRUNSWICK, Ga. – New evidence has been released for a teenager charged with murder after a baby was fatally shot in the face on a Brunswick street.

Attorney Randy Reep and Channel 4's Tim Pulliam looked through a 77-page inventory list of evidence, from a baby bottle to a gun cleaning kit.

But Reep said one of the most interesting items collected were DVDs, specifically the one mentioned on page 41. The DVD contains a recorded reenactment of the incident at the scene by 15-year-old suspect Dominique Lang.

Antonio Santiago
Antonio Santiago

"There very well could be a confession on it. Why that would not be released at this point, I would be guessing," said Reep. "I would guess there's additional arrests that are coming, accessory after the fact or build a case against other people."

Reep said on page 20, there's also other recordings inside a police car of both Lang and alleged 17-year-old shooter, De'Marquise Elkins.

Video that could also be significant.

"Arrestee's making statements in the back of the car would be interesting," said Reep.

Finally, the report says investigators collected the suspect's social media activity.

"Facebook capturing things that the defendants apparently posted on Facebook, I don't know what they are, but they are important, as well as instant messages and texts from family and friends," Reep said. "Why important? It is because it may be capturing the essence of guilt."