Tip leads to arrest of woman on drug charges

Clerk says intoxicated woman fell asleep while in line to pay for gas


KINGSLAND, Ga. – Police say a telephone call from a clerk at a convenience store helped lead officers to the arrest of a woman from New York for multiple felony violations of the Georgia Controlled Substance act.

Kingsland police said at 10:30 p.m., the clerk was working at the Green Cedar store at Exit 6 of Interstate 95 in Kingsland.

The clerk noticed a woman, later identified as Megan Campodonico of Nyack, N.Y., who had driven into the store parking lot to purchase gasoline appeared to be intoxicated.

The clerk told dispatchers that Campodonico was acting very intoxicated in the store and had fallen asleep while waiting in line to pay for her fuel purchase.

When an officer arrived, police said Campodonico was standing at the front of her Nissan Altima attempting to wash the windows. The officer met and spoke with Campodonico.

After speaking with Campodonico, the officer said it appeared she was under the influence of a narcotic and should not be allowed to drive.

While the officer spoke with another person of the car, police said Campodonico was observed attempting to hide items taken from her purse by shoving them down inside her pants and brassiere.

In her rush to hide the items, police said Campodonico dropped a bag containing marijuana onto the parking lot.

Campodonico was placed under arrest for violation of the Georgia Controlled substance act.

Police said additional marijuana was recovered from her purse. Also located in the purse were containers of Oxycodone pills, Loraxepam pills, and Clonazepam pills.

With the assistance of a deputy, police said a bag containing heroin was removed from Campodonico's brassiere, and a bag containing MDMA street name "Molly" was removed from her pants.

Campodonico was taken to the Camden County Jail in Woodbine for intake processing, charged with four felony counts, and one misdemeanor count of Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act.