Local beaches packed on Memorial Day


JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. – Sea, sun and sand are how many northeast Florida residents celebrated Memorial Day.

The crowds were out at Huguenot Park, where it had only been open a few hours before cars were no longer allowed in about 11 a.m. Due to high tides and maximum capacity. A line of cars waiting to get in stretched for miles.

Whether fishing, cooking or swimming, those at the beach were having a great time.

"We love it out here. We come out here every Memorial Day," said Dwight Von Segger, who was grilling out.

Another spot known for its crowds is Jacksonville Beach, where beachgoers were having just as great of a time.

"It's been great. Weather is beautiful, nice crown, no drama, friends, family," Ashly Carswell said.

While beachgoers were having fun in the sun, lifeguards were overstaffed and working hard to make sure everyone stayed safe.

"We staff more guards here at the station and on the beach so that more of the beach is covered and guarded by our lifeguards as well as a bigger group here able to respond when needed," said Richard Ghiotto of Jacksonville Beach Patrol.

Aside from the celebration, many were most importantly remembering why they get to celebrate the special holiday.

"It's about people who paid the ultimate price, people in the military," said Gary Allen. "Got to give thanks to them every day."