Jacksonville could see budget cuts despite pension reform


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The city of Jacksonville is now looking at ways to spend taxpayer dollars.

Mayor Alvin Brown is preparing his new budget. This year there is a bright side: The city is close to signing off on a deal for pension reform.

But even with that extra $50 million in savings, city leaders say tax revenue is down and there could be more cuts.

Sheriff John Rutherford was at the council offices Tuesday discussing budgets.

"We have to find a way for the city to get though this budget without laying off any more police officers," he said. "I am already 147 policeman short, 92 community service officers short, and crime has flattened out as a result of that. When hotspots pick up, I need resources to move over to meet that need. Right now we just don't have it."

The mayor's staff will present a preliminary budget report Monday. Brown will present his entire budget in July.