Cadillacs recalled for loose lug nuts on wheels

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Imagine your wheels falling off of your car while you're driving. Well, if you have a 2013 Cadillac SRX, GM says it could happen to you.

More than 27,000 Cadillac SUVs around the world are being recalled.

GM and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says the lug nuts holding the 18-inch wheels in place are loose and may cause the wheels to come off while its driving.

"Anytime you got a wheel coming off, it's like someone kicking your legs out from under you when you're walking," said Aaron Nelson, owner of Aaron's Car Care.

Nelson said the issue can cause fatal results but is a simple fix. A quick tire rotation and reinstallation of the lug nuts will fix the problem, and your GM dealership will do it for free.

"Bring it on in and have us take a look at it because we don't want to have anyone running around feeling unsecure, so to speak," said Bob Porter, sales consultant for Cadillac.

Porter, who works at a local Cadillac dealership, said the recall is only for certain SRX models. Car mechanics say if your car has loose lug nuts, there are obvious indications.

"They'd feel a vibration, maybe a pull, maybe a rattle, something along those lines, maybe even a creaking when they pull out of the driveway," Porter said.

This recall comes only a couple months after the same SUVs were recalled for electrical transmission issues. Both Cadillac representatives and mechanics say if you are notified or believe your car has a problem, act quickly.

"We have a tendency that when something's new we don't anticipate, we don't believe that it could possibly have a problem. Well, that isn't always the case," Porter said. "If they experience any kind of an issue, they should call us immediately and bring the car in for us to take a look at it."

Those affected by the recall should receive a letter by June 3.