Family seeking answers after car hits woman


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. –  "They didn't stop. They just kept going," Terri Nedeau says of the hit-and-run Monday night that left her daughter in the hospital.

Melissa McFarland was walking with her boyfriend along the Arlington Expressway service road late Monday night when someone drove by hit her, and then kept on driving.

"He was in shock," Nedeau said of her daughter's boyfriend. "(He) didn't have a chance to get any details about person who did this. Just more concerned about her. Wasn't responding at first. Had to flag someone down on the road to get them to stop."

Nedeau says investigators have no idea who hit McFarland. She only knows it was a dark car, and hopes perhaps a nearby business had surveillance video that could help police identify the vehicle.

"She's sedated, got a brain injury. Got her arm broken in three places. Every time she's woke up they've had to sedate her because she doesn't know where she's at or what happened. It's just hard."

Nedeau is still exhausted after spending the past 24 hours in the hospital at the bedside her daughter.

McFarland went to Fletcher High School, and her mom describes her as an outgoing nice woman who's now sitting in the hospital. Nedeau says her daughter is even waiting for a spare bed in intensive care because she says the hospital is crowded right now after Memorial Day weekend.

"I think it's ridiculous that people can have so much care about someone else's life that they would just leave them on the side of the road."

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