4 arrested, 5th to be charged in check fraud case

Booking photos of Lindsay Smith, Robert Ostrender, Edward Zaccheo and Bobbie Martin
Booking photos of Lindsay Smith, Robert Ostrender, Edward Zaccheo and Bobbie Martin

PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. – Four people have been arrested and charges are pending against a fifth in connection with a check fraud case, according to the Putnam County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said they've been investigating this case for the last two weeks, according to reports, Lindsay Smith, 28, Robert Ostrender, 24, Edward Zaccheo, 23, and Bobbie Martin, 44, have cashed fraudulent checks at Publix and Hitchock's supermarkets.

Investigators said Smith obtained several checks from a friend's home without that person's knowledge, then shared the checks with Ostrender. Deputies said the two visited several unsuspecting merchants until they were able to cash the checks.

Detectives said Smith obtained additional checks from a family construction company that is no longer in business. They said she shared the checks with Martin and Zaccheo.

Investigators said Martin printed several checks at a local public school where she worked.

The amount of the checks cashed was about $4,600, deputies said.

Smith and Ostrender were arrested June 21 and charged with multiple counts of larceny and fraud. Smith is being held in the Putnam County jail with bail set at $11, 048. Ostrender is being held with bail set at $10,040.

Zaccheo was already incarcerated at the Putnam County jail on unrelated charges. He was charged with one count of larceny and one count of fraud.

Martin was arrested Friday in Flagler County on a charge of scheming to defraud.

Deputies said a fifth suspect has been identified in this case and charges are pending.