Couple sought in Dish Network impersonations

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. – The Nassau County Sheriff's Office is looking for a couple wanted in connection with impersonating a Dish Network support service agent and defrauding victims.

Anthony and Crystal Gerhold, 41 and 33, respectively, are being sought.

Deputies said they began investigating several reports involving Anthony, who they said has been representing himself as a Dish support service agent and using the Dish Network logo to scam the victims.

Investigators said Anthony Gerhold has defrauded numerous victims in Nassau, Bradford, Alachua and Columbia counties, and Charlton County, Ga.

Crystal Gerhold, the suspect's wife, represents herself as a customer care representative when the victims call the 1-800 number, which is provided by Anthony Gerhold to the victims, investigators said.

Richard Smack told Channel 4 Friday that he was a victim of the scam.

"It's always embarrassing to yourself, it's embarrassing to know that you got scammed," said Smack.

Smack said he was scammed out of $900. He thought he was paying for bundled Satellite Dish Network services.

"I believe that he was not very pushy or anything like that, like we were having a regular conversation," said Smack. "He's a smooth talker, I mean he's believable."

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper said that Smack isn't the only victim in Nassau County. Leeper said that the Gerhold's have targeted several senior citizens.

In fact, deputies arrested Anthony Gerhold for similar scams just last week. Leeper said Gerhold posted $160,000 bond and then more than a dozen other victims came forward.

"So he gives his pitch, that they could save them some money if they sign up with him, they cut him a check, he goes and cashes the check, but never provides the service," said Leeper.

Authorities said the couple is known to travel in a blue 2011 Toyota Scion with Florida license plate No. AHWI58. The car is registered to Crystal Gerhold.

Investigators said they received information that there may be other suspects involved. They said witnesses have seen a small white four-door car and a white van.

Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of the suspects is asked to call the Nassau County Sheriff's Office at 904-206-0883.