Ben Bowersox returns home Saturday

5-year-old recovering from airport accident

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A crowd welcomed home Ben Bowersox, a 5-year-old Jacksonville boy who's been recovering from a freak accident at a local airport.

Bowersox broke both arms and severed some of his fingers when his arms were caught in the cable of a motorized door at Jacksonville Executive at Craig Airport on May 7.

Doctors at Duke University Medical Center in North Carolina have performed a number of surgeries to try to repair his hands and arms.

"God has been so good to this little boy.  He's been an inspiration.  They're just wonderful people," said Anne Lawless, a member of First Baptist Church.



en has battled infections during his recovery and has been doing therapy on a tricycle.

"He was brave through all those things that happened to him. He believed in God that He could heal him," said Xander Gunning, one of Ben's little friends from church.

Even though Ben has a long recovery ahead, his church family is confident he will overcome any challenges.

"As a nurse and as old as I am, I've known a lot of little boys, but he is the bravest, most courageous little boy that I have known," said Lawless.