Slow left-lane drivers law in effect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A new law went into effect Monday making drivers liable for driving too slow in the passing lane.

Drivers could face a $60 ticket for going 10 mph slower than the speed limit in the left lanes of Florida highways.

"The left lane is supposed to be a passing lane, and I think slow drivers cause a lot of problems on the road," driver Susan Harvey said.

"Hopefully it will make the flow of traffic even better because it will eliminate or at least reduce improper lane changes, following too closely, additional violations that come into play when you have that type of violation," said Sgt. Dylan Bryan, of the Florida Highway Patrol.

Because the law is new, it's up to officers' discretion whether to ticket or give someone a warning. FHP is working on making a public service announcement to remind drivers of the new law so they are aware that exceeding the speed limit is not the only speed-related violation.

We interviewed an attorney who represents auto accident victims about the new law.

"I think it causes a lot of rear-end accidents, so I'm for it," said Henry Gare, an auto accident attorney.

Gare thinks distractions are the main reason for slow driving.

"I'm always curious, and most of the time somebody is on the phone texting when they are going slower," he said.

Other drivers agree.

"Whether it's because of kids in the car or on their phone or reaching for their coffee or they are doing whatever, I think there are a lot more drivers paying a lot less attention," Harvey said.

If there is a reason that keeps drivers from traveling the speed limit in the left lane, law enforcement officers say they should stick to the right lane so they don't impede the flow of traffic and avoid getting a traffic ticket.

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