20-year-old Arlington woman brought home by police

Officers searched overnight after Shawna Lamb disappeared

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A 20-year-old woman who was subject of an overnight search after witnesses say her being pushed and shoved into the woods by a man was returned home safe about 10 a.m. Wednesday by a Jacksonville police officer.

Police say Shawna Lamb was found at her boyfriend's house, where she spent the night smoking after smoking crack.

"She went there last night willingly with him," Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jay Farhat said. "The family members knew he was there and they were asleep by the time she came over. They were unaware that she was even there. One of his relatives saw their brother on TV, and went to his room and realized she was there with him."

Lamb was reported missing late Tuesday after being seen on Dickson Road, which is between University Boulevard North and Cesery  Boulevard. Witnesses reported seeing her arguing with a man that police identified as Lamb's new boyfriend, a 25-year-old named Leroy, then she didn't return home.


Lamb's family told JSO they just met Leroy on Tuesday and she has had drug problems in the past.

Based on witness statements, Lamb appeared to be forcefully dragged away, which is why JSO was treating this as a possible missing persons case. Witnesses also reported hearing Leroy say, "I'm going to kill you."

Whatever did occur between the two, Lamb was not injured.

"She's given us a variety of different stories," Farhat said. "She isn't willing to tell us exactly what happened."

Police say Lamb did not intend to fine charges against Brown, but Farhat said the report will be written as simple battery, but it will be up to the State Attorney's Office whether he will be charged.