Jaguars training camp begins

All new head coach, general manager, several new players build excitement


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With a new head coach, a new general manager and several new players, there's a lot of momentum built up around the Jacksonville Jaguars this year.

It may be hard to imagine that a team that was 2 and 14 last season could have this much excitement built up around it, but all hope is in and all eyes are on the new management.

"See we don't know what makes this year different from last year because Mike Mularkey and his staff also created the same type of energy and then they went 2 and 14, so now you have to follow this energy in the off season with some success in the regular season," said 1010 XL Sports radio host, Joe Cowart.

Training is all about evaluation of players, and there are a lot of players competing for spots. There are 90 players on the Jags roster right now and they have to get it down to 53.

"Four preseason games so a lot of guys are being heavily looked at 'can he win us a football game can he win us a play?' And that's at the linebacker spot, the defensive line..." said Cowart.

It's also at training camp where fans are looking for stand-out players, plays and confirmation the Jags have the ability to bring home a Super Bowl title.

"They want to find out if Mohammad Masaquoui wide receiver can step in, he was signed here in the off season, and replaced Justin Blackmon for those 4 games he wont be available. So here's a guy that hasn't done a whole lot in the NFL, but can step up and really win a roster spot here and they want to see some guys step up along the defensive line," said Cowart.

Other than the proof there's some hope and encouragement the Jags will do better then 2 and 14 this year, what makes a successful training camp?

"I think when you come out of training camp, this team needs to have the answer at quarterback decided. It needs to be in the books. Somebody needs to clearly separate himself. If its Blaine or Chad Henne either one I think that's the most important thing at training camp," said Cowart.

The first eight practices of training camp are open to the public. They won't dress out in pads until next week though.

The first practice began at 9:55 a.m. Friday.