Woman accuses Casey Anthony's mother of assaulting her

Woman says Anthony grabbed her arm, causing minor scratches, says deputies

Cindy Anthony from Christina Werner's cell phone video.
Cindy Anthony from Christina Werner's cell phone video.

MOUNT DORA, Fla. – A Lake County woman who recently sold a video to RadarOnline of Cindy and George Anthony having a yard sale and allegedly selling Caylee Anthony's belongings is pressing charges against Cindy, saying she assaulted her.

According to the deputy report, deputies responded to the Steak and Shake at 11:30 a.m. Thursday in Leesburg in reference to a battery, where they found Christina Werner, who told deputies she went to a yard sale on Palmetto Drive in Mt. Dora.

Werner said she drove up in front of the home with her driver's side window down and cell phone video and audio recording. Werner told deputies she made a comment something to the effect of "I can't believe you are selling Caylee's belongings."

According to deputies, Werner said that the suspect, Cindy Anthony, started walking toward her, yelling something like "I can't believe you are doing this, you pretended to be my friend."

WKMG-TV reports when deputies spoke to Anthony later on Thursday, she said while standing in the yard of her home, she yelled to Werner she could not believe what she was doing.

Anthony told deputies Werner said she could do what she wanted because she was on public property. Anthony said she told Warner that her attorney advised her that they could sue her if she did not leave them alone.

Werner said that the Anthony's husband, George Anthony, was yelling for her to stop and not approach Werner's vehicle. Deputies said Werner later realized was attempting to either slap her or grab her by the arm.

Werner believes Anthony made contact with her arm, causing minor scratches, by reaching into the driver's side window of her vehicle, according to a report released by deputies.

Werner said that she immediately sped off before any further confrontation and went to the Steak n' Shake, where she reported the incident.

When deputies spoke with Werner, she said that she went to Anthony home on two other occasions, possibly June 28 and June 29 of this year.

On Friday, Werner said she just happened to be driving by the home when she saw they were having another yard sale. She told deputies when she drove up on the home with her window down and made the comment, this is what upset Anthony.

Deputies said, however, they have found no evidence to support Werner's claims that Anthony assaulted her. When deputies questioned Werner, they saw no abrasions on her arm to back up her story.

The incident comes weeks after the Anthonys' attorney said they may sue over the video sold to RadarOnline.

Deputies asked Werner if it was possible she was stalking the Anthony family due to their notoriety. Werner told them no.

WKMG-TV's Mike DeForest spoke with the Anthonys on Friday. They said Werner is harassing them and they've gotten their lawyer involved.