MAD DADS, family hold walk for murdered Jacksonville woman

Family, group hope to inspire action, find suspect


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than a week after 22-year old Amber Bass was gunned down in the driveway of her Westside home, police are asking for the public's help in locating her purse and the shooter responsible for killing her.

Her family and the local group MAD DADS are working together in hopes of inspiring some action.

They went door-to-door, some handed out fliers and others carried signs, all in hopes of finding the person responsible for taking Bass' life.

IMAGES: Walking for Amber Bass

"Come forward. This is senseless," said sister Robin Lezcano. "This wasn't just one life that this person took. It was this entire family's, and our community feels it."

Helping to get that message across is the Jacksonville chapter of MAD DADS, whose president, Donald Foy, calls for peace in the community. He also reiterates that a family needs help.

"Their daughter was brutally murdered. Here is a family that is crying out for help," said Foy. "We're asking the community if you have any knowledge about what happened out here, the smallest clue may be the most vital clue."

Police drawing of purse belonging to Amber Bass
Police drawing of purse belonging to Amber Bass

Police said one of those important clues could be the purse Bass was using the night she was killed, which is described as gray with silver studs. Police believe it could help solve the case and it's still missing.

Through it all, Bass' family prays this never happens to any other family. They also pray for answers.

"I have this feeling that someone in this neighborhood knows something," said Lezcano. "If they could just find it in their hearts to feel our pain for even a fraction of a second, to feel that, and come forward, it's just indescribable. The amount of relief and thankfulness that this family feels. So please, someone say something. Anything."

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