Lakefront beach closed after 12-foot gator sighted

Florida wildlife officials try to bait, catch gator


LONGWOOD, Fla. – A popular lake is closed on Monday morning after a 12-foot alligator sighting was reported, according to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials.

FWC said the gator was reported near the Sweetwater Oaks Beach on Lake Brantley, causing the closure of the beach and lake.

The woman said she saw the gator Sunday morning while standing on the dock and took a picture.

Officials will try to bait and catch the gator, FWC said. The maintenance manager of the beach, Chet, tells Local 6 he has never seen a gator as large as 12 feet in the lake before.

"My office manager came to me and said a lady is reporting a 12-foot gator. She soon sent me an email with the picture and my first reaction was 'holy cow that is a huge gator," Chet tells Local 6. 

Officials said the gator is concerning because they don't know where in the lake the gator is and there is a high traffic volume.

"Especially with school being out, parents bring kids down, kids will be sitting on the edge of the water playing or what have you. It is busy every day," Chet said.